Invoice Factoring

F1 cashBusinesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses, have a substantial amount of cash locked up in accounts receivables. What if there was a way you could access this cash and put it back to work?

Accounts receivable are often not the first place business owners will look when needing to raise funding for their business, but with an invoice factoring solution this cash can be accessed quickly and easily. An Invoice Factoring solution will advance typically up to 80% against the value of your accounts receivable, with the remaining 20% returned to you, less fees, when your customers pay their invoices.

This factoring service allows you to access the cash from your accounts receivables and put it to work faster to help manage your cash flow. What’s more, it does not require real estate security, so you can minimise your personal risk or use that security for other ventures.

Managing accounts receivables is also a significant burden on many businesses. It requires an investment in people, processes, systems and a great deal of focus, which can be very challenging when there are often many other high priorities. We can also help free your business from this burden by offering an accounts receivable services which will save you valuable time and money. What’s more, you can focus on what is really important – managing and growing your business.

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To find out about how Invoice Factoring can help you with managing your business cash flow click here or call us on 1300 269 423

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Client Benefits

• Free up the family home
• Improve business cashflow
• Non-Bank funding source
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